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Cold Press Juicers Buying Tips

Drinking fruit juice is a tasty way to stay healthy. Fruits and vegetables are high in vitamins and minerals so drinking juices could introduce extra nutrients into the body to boost overall health.

 Since the current generation is of Internet and Social Media, people have been introduced to more health awareness and the trend of juicing has seen a sudden rise. With the rise in this trend, the growing popularity of cold press juicers in restaurants, juice stands and even homes isn’t surprising.

 As these juicers are mainly built for commercial use, they can perform even the toughest of jobs. They come with advanced processing techniques, safety features and high-quality material along with extraction capacities at large scale as they are capable of catering more people at a time.

Easy to clean up:

They are easy to clean. In most cases you should just add water and let it rinse the juicer as if you make a juice. From time to time juicer would require disassembling although it doesn’t take a lot of time as cold press juicers always comes with detailed user manual instructing you how to assemble and disassemble a juicer.

Multi functional:

They are much more multi functional and can cope not only with different sorts of greens, vegetables and fruits, but with making a pasta, nut butter, grinding a beans and so on. They can work as a food processor too.

Strong materials:

They are are made of plastic, steel or carbon infused components, depending upon the price, manufacturer, model and are usually very strong. They can cope with the hardest fruits/vegetables and most of the juicers have sturdy construction so you can be sure it won’t come apart while juicing.

High yield

They produce high quality juice with high yield and drier pulp. No matter what you are going to juice, due to powerful motor and tough auger juicer is capable of extracting every ounce of juice out of the produce. High value of nutrients, enzymes and vitamins. They prevent nutrients from oxidation in the process of extracting juice resulting in high yield of enzymes and vitamins.

Things you should know:

Before you set off to buy a juicer, it’s helpful to get acquainted with the main types of juicers available and how they differ from each other. The three main types of juicers are: Centrifugal Juicer. Masticating Juicer (aka Slow Juicer / Cold Press Juicer) Twin Gear Juicer (aka Triturating Juicer).

 In this article, we will be talking about the Masticating Juicer (aka Cold Press Juicer).

Cold-press juicers, are the type of juicers which crush and squeeze fruit, as opposed to their counterpart’s centrifugal juicers, which slice and separate fruit with a quickly spinning blade. Cold-press juicers extract juices at a relatively slow, cool speed, which cuts down on oxidation and preserves more nutrients, and the machines can usually double as food processors. They operate at slow speeds (110 or even less RPM – revolutions per minute and means frequency of rotations are being made around a fixed axis in one minute). This process of extracting juice helps in achieving lowered blood pressure, beautiful skin and a stronger immune system which helps preventing cancer, and cleanse the liver and colon.

Apart from the fact that the juice extracted from such type of juicer would contain more nutrients, it also gives you higher yield (so you use less ingredients), longer shelf life, less pulp and the juice doesn’t separate, which only means that it contains more in it.


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