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The basics of  WHAT IS and WHY you need a Massage Chair

Life is a gift and to waste such a precious gift to the hands of illness and routine body aches doesn’t make sense. According to a study published in 2017 on checking the prevalence of back pain among adults of South Asia, 40.6% of Pakistani adults experience various forms of back pain. The study also reported that married females of age 50-59 years have high prevalence of getting acute back pain because of their lack of any physical activity (PA).

In such scenarios where the busy and hectic life is not sparing you some hours in a day to go for a gym or to a park to have a little mercy on your body or where the claws of ageing getting tight with the passing days on your ability to do some PA, all you can do is to have a masseuse or masseur at home. But wait! Having a masseuse at home or visiting physiotherapists weekly is not an easy solution while living in a country like Pakistan where meeting the daily bread gives you a continuous stress.

Massage chair is a specially designed chair for providing a relaxing massage to its bearer. A massage is basically rubbing and pressing the skin, muscles, and ligaments. It gives soothing effect to the body to get it rid of all pain and tension. Nobuo Fujimoto designed this chair in 1954 after trying several versions of it and them in 1980 these chairs got commercialized on large scale.

Design of a massage chair

There is a wide variety in best massage chairs available in the market and accordingly the design and components of it varies. Some basic design components includes:


A basic and most crucial part of massage chair. It provides energy to move all other associated components to make the chair work efficiently. It supplies power to nodes, rollers, vibrators and other mechanical parts of chair along with providing comfortable adjustments to the person sitting or lying on it.

Roller and nodes

A mechanical component of the chair designed to mimic human fingers and palms action while giving massages. These are available in a range of sizes and shapes. The movement of rollers and nodes is determined by the program stored in its software. Some of the rollers just move back and forth on the back of chair while others have the ability to move left and right according to the commandments given to the program. A person can also targets these rollers and nodes to specific areas of the body by pre-programming the mechanics of chair.

Computer aided chair adjust-ability

An essential tool which makes you comfortable right after you sit on it. This facility adjusts your most comfortable position according to your height, weight and width. The pressure develops on the chair after an individual sits on it, adjust the position of rollers and nodes. The vibrators which lies around feet to release toes stress adjusts according to the height of a person by instructions from computer.

Types of massage chairs

Broadly, there are 2 types of massage chairs you can find in the market.

Conventional/ manual massage chairs

These chairs are designed to provide comfortable and portable support to the body areas mainly focusing on neck, arms, head, shoulders and back. The easily movable parts of it makes an individual not to bother much according to the instructions of therapist.

Robotic/personal massage chairs

As the name indicates, these massage chairs doesn’t require any therapist to assist it. These robotic massage chairs contains electric motors, several commanding tools, vibrators, Bluetooth facilities and a wide variety of massaging techniques built in it according to the model you purchase. Today highly modernized massage chairs have got all you need. They contains multiple tools and accessories to deal accordingly to the pain you are experiencing.

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